The 18th Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors – East Meets West Symposium
The 18th Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors – East Meets West Symposium is going to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 1 - 2 October 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


SCOPE School Vancouver 2016 @ [30th April 2016 (Saturday)]
SCOPE (Specialist Certification for Obesity Professional Education) School is a course accredited by World Obesity's educational programme. This two day course takes place every year and covers all aspects of obesity management that professionals dealing with obese and overweight patients are likely to encounter, and will provide a greater understanding of effective patient management and the role of professionals in tackling obesity. The next SCOPE School will take place in Vancouver, Canada on 30th April 2016.

SCOPE School...

13th International Congress on Obesity (ICO) 2016 @ [1st - 4th May 2016 (Sunday - Wednesday)]
ICO 2016 will present the latest research, new innovative preventative and treatment strategies, policy updates and guidelines from the world’s leading obesity specialists and global alliances. Physicians, surgeons, scientists, clinicians, allied health professionals and policymakers, both national and international, will come together for an outstanding programme including scientific sessions, satellite meetings, debates, networking, poster sessions and more.


Diabetes Preventing the Preventables Forum 2016 @ [21-22 May 2016]
The DPP Forum is an annual scientific meeting for leaders in the field of epidemiology, behavioral science, public health, clinical and basic science to share their insights and aspirations in the prevention and control of diabetes and chronic diseases. Asian experts who are using a web-based disease management program to establish a diabetes registry, implement team-based care and identify unmet needs will also join us to share their experiences.

Of 7 million people in Hong Kong, nearly 10%, have diabetes, and half of them do NOT even know they have it, because diabetes does NOT cause symptoms! You probably think, I am not this 10% of diabetes. But if you have the some diabetes risk factors, diabetes warning is on! If you have diabetes without realizing it, it will be too late when you develop complications...


Risk Understanding By Yourself (RUBY)
Diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot secrete adequate insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal at all times (5-8 mmol/L). On average, 1 in 4 develops diabetes during his/her lifetime. If left undiagnosed, untreated or unmanaged, diabetes can kill. RUBY allows you to access your risk for didabetes so that you can take early action to reduce those risks.


An Asian perspective on Diabetes - Questions to ask your Doctor
What are some of the questions you should be asking your doctor on diabetes? Healthscope Asia interviewed Professor Juliana CN Chan from the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong to get some insights.


Sustainable Healthcare in Hong Kong: Challenges Ahead
This collaborative initiative brought together experts from a cross-section of healthcare-related professions to share their insights on the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s healthcare system and how it can be sustained and enhanced for future generations. Hong Kong’s Government has always taken pride in its effective dual-track healthcare system, in which the public and private healthcare sectors work together and complement each other. However, in the face of trends such as an ageing population, chronic diseases and rising medical technology costs, it is important to examine ways to strengthen the healthcare system to ensure its ongoing success in the future.

Sustainable Healthcare in Hong Kong: Challenges...

Prof. Juliana Chan talks about diabetes on BBC news on Nov-14, 2013
Prof. Juliana Chan talks about diabetes as a silent killer in a silent population on BBC news. The news article also describe this paradoxical disease that make younger age group more vulnerable.


Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of the CUHK-PWH IDF Centre of Education held in December 2011. From Left to right: Prof. TF Fok (Dean, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK), Dr. CC Chow (co-director, IDFCE), Prof. Clive Cockram (Founder, CUHK-PWH Diabetes and Endocrine Centre), Dr. Fung Hong (Chief Executive, PWH), Prof. Juliana Chan (co-director, IDFCE)


Founded in 1984, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) – Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) Diabetes and Endocrine Centre is supported by employees of the CUHK and the Hospital Authority, the latter being the governing body of all public hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong. The centre provides diabetes and endocrine services, conducts clinical and basic science research, and organizes training to healthcare professional.  


The CUHK-PWH Diabetes and Endocrine Centre is made up of 6 units affiliated to CUHK and PWH with complementary function : 

  1. PWH Diabetes and Endocrine Centre
  2. CUHK Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity
  3. CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre
  4. Asia Diabetes Foundation
  5. CUHK Diabetes Clinical Research Centre
  6. CUHK Diabetes Research Laboratory, Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Science

Our objective is to improve chronic care and to translate research evidence to clinical practice with the goal to mobilize health care resources, disseminate clinical information and provide decision support to ultimately create a practicing environment conducive to holistic and preventive medicine.


In December 2011, the CUHK-PWH Diabetes and Endocrine Centre was designated as International Diabetes Federation Centre of Education.

Diabetes and Endocrine Centre

120808 284 1024x681Multidisciplinary diabetes services and staff training 

CUHK Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity


Certificate, diploma, MSc courses; workshops & academic exchanges

Asia Diabetes Foundation           


 IT augmented integrated care and peer support programs

CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre

120808 389 1024x681

Awareness, assessment, empowerment and support programs

CUHK Diabetes Clinical Research Centre

120808 069 1024x681

Clinical trials, translational and epidemiological studies

CUHK Diabetes Research Laboratory

120809 432 908x604

Applied genomics, beta cell biology and mechanistic studies